May 15, 2021

Tubemate Download in PC Windows XP/7/10 (Latest Version)

Hey there everyone, looking for the easiest method of downloading Youtube Videos on your PC? So let me tell you, you have landed yourself in the right place. Here, you are sure to witness an informative way to guide you on How to Download and install the Tubemate app on Windows 7/8/10. Read on to take a tour and get your favourite videos downloaded.

In the article explained below, you will come across vivid features of the TubeMate application. Apart from the details, you will get easy click Download Links for Tubemate of pc. With an elaborative step by step details on ways to download the application, you will face zero hassle in getting started. Free of cost and easy to run, Tubemate in PC eases you with uninterrupted downloading of Videos and Songs from Facebook, Instagram, and the most popular YouTube.

What is Tubemate?

Tubemate is your one-stop solution to easy video downloading. A single application that would make it easy for you to view your favourite videos available on almost every social media platform or online browsers. With a user-friendly interface, Tubemate for PC is easy to install, launch and download.

With the growing trend of videos among youngsters and elders, there are cases when one wishes to view their favourite video again and again. Whether it is YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, save and download millions of videos available online. Download Tubemate for PC and enjoy endless videos of almost every genre; funny, action, drama, sports, horror, etc.

This application is compatible with almost every other Windows version. Tubemate for Windows 10 or Tubemate for Windows 7, one need not worry about the installation process as it requires simple APK file download from the link and run it on the system. A secure download and you are good to go for uninterrupted video viewing and fun.

Tubemate in PCs has proven to be a revolution in the field of video viewing and has changed the way people keep themselves busy. Tubemate is a basic computer application that easily runs on to your Android systems, desktops or laptops. A combination of two different platforms closely coupled to provide you with a flexible routine of enjoying unlimited videos.

This versatile application is rich in features and comes in a range of vivid elements that picture it apart from others. Let us read about all its features that would leave you in awe.

Features of Tubemate

There are ample applications available online that function and operate in the way similar to Tubemate for PC but lack in some areas that Tubemate excels in. Read on to know more.

  • This amazing and feature-rich application is free of cost and charges you with nothing. So while selecting the app that matches your needs of high-quality video experience, don’t look forward. Opt for Tubemate app and get smooth video streaming experience with zero interruption or in-app payments. Tubemate never asks you money or recharges, if it does; remember to look out for the original one.
  • Easy on Space, the application does not ask for large disk space or big numbers of megabytes. For systems with a poor internet connection, this application is a blessing!
  • Unlike the others, Tubemate for Windows 7 and 10 helps you stream videos with no buffering and super fast speed. With its accurate streaming ability, you can enjoy your videos back to back without no waiting time.
  • What makes it different from the others is its efficiency and interactive functionality that lets you download multiple videos at once.
  • Other than just downloading and viewing, Tubemate is designed to provide you with an additional feature of sharing your favourite videos to your friends and family via social media. You can make your favourite video visible or recommend it to others via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others, that too, with a single click.
  • Avoid falling for applications that ask you for additional extensions with the browser. With no such hassles and zero demands, Tubemate easily runs on your system and requires no extensions for downloads.

How To Download Tubemate in PC Windows XP/7/10

Although the Tubemate for PC is a free of cost, versatile and hassle-free application, it requires compatible emulator. An emulator synchronizes with the video downloading the app and enables smooth video downloads.  With free versions of excellent emulators such as Bluestacks, Memu play and Nox player available online, PCs can easily couple with the Tubemate and run smoothly to provide an amazing user experience. Emulator fills the gaps formed due to the need for the official PC version.

Read on to know more about ways to download the Tubemate App for your Windows PC or Laptop.

As discussed already, three best emulators for excellent video downloading and streaming as Bluestacks, Memu play and Nox player. Let’s discuss how you can sync them and run with Tubemate.

BlueStacks for Amazing Performance

  • Follow a simple link while you search for the BlueStacks and download it following simple steps mentioned on the link.
  • Once you are done with downloading the Tubemate and the BlueStacks emulator, you are now good to go and relish a wide range of videos of your choice.
  • Now launch the Tubemate application present in your Downloads folder, and download unlimited videos.

MEmu Play for Uninterrupted Video

  • Follow the easy and simple link provided on the internet and launch the MEmu player application onto your system.
  • Once the app is launched, install Tubemate APk in your system and run it using the MEmu emulator.
  • After running the Tubemate app, go to All Apps, follow the MEmu emulator and click it.
  • Open the MEmu app and choose Tubemate and enjoy this ready to use application.

Nox Player

  • Just like the MEmu and Bluestacks, Nox is a pretty simple-to-use emulator.4
  • Search or browse online for the Nox emulator for windows and laptops and download using the suitable link.
  • The Nox emulator couples with the Tubemate pretty easily and all you need to do is now launch the player
  • Now start initially and run the Tubemate append select the Nox player while running it.
  • Now enjoy an endless range of video streaming and downloading on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

FAQs- Do I need to install additional applications for running Tubemate on my system?

The easy-to-download and install Tubemate is free of cost and requires no supporting application for running. But, since systems today are developing and evolving with time, some applications may not be supported by them. In case the Tubemate is not compatible with your system, then you can install emulators online for enhanced video experience. You can avail advanced emulator applications such as Bluestacks, MEmu Player, Nox player. These emulators are programs that establish a partnership between the Tubemate and PC or laptop.

FAQs- What system version does Tubemate app support?

Tubemate app can be installed easily on windows laptop or PC with the configuration of Windows 7 and above. If your system runs on windows 7, windows 8 or 10, you can easily run Tubemate. If your system runs on a different platform other than the stated windows versions, then you can try other versions of Tubemate APK. Another benefit of Tubemate for PC is that you can install it for 64-bit version as well.

FAQs- From where can I download Tubemate?

This site offers easy to navigate link which, you can use to download Tubemate in just a click. You cannot find Tubemate on Google store or Apple app store as it a PC compatible application. However, you can use Google store to download the emulators for synchronizing the Tubemate with your system.

FAQs- Why and when do I need an emulator?

In case your system does not support Tubemate because of its different or latest configuration, then you can use an application known as an emulator that acts as a bridge. This application builds a relationship between two different platforms and ensures a smooth running of the video app on your system. Not only this, but an emulator can also be run on Android systems, laptops, or PCs.


Video downloading has never been such an easy task. With simple steps and a few free downloads, you can carry out multiple video downloads simultaneously without the worry of any overhead costs or in-app purchases. Try any one of the three explained methods for running your favourite video. Share, watch or download your video using Tubemate and experience best ever video application.